• New Haven, CT Oct. 26th 2021

    Thank you guys so much.  I really feel like I have a fresh start. I was so overwhelmed and it was impossible to have done this alone.  I have a peace at mind.   I don’t feel bound anymore.  The clutter was an outward reflection of my mental space.  Over the years it’s grown and the pandemic didn’t help any. I am enjoying my new normal.  I’m truly blessed to know we were not infested with bugs as well as knowing that I have more control over things.  Even if they’re in containers.  I can go at my own pace.  Simply thank you and I appreciate you guys.  You guys are mental health workers in your own rights! Simply put, I appreciate each of you.  May your business be blessed beyond measure and your staff more than double in size.  You’re not just cleaning/prepping /organizing homes.  You’re changing lives!  Because you damn sure changed mine/ours


  • West Hartford, CT Oct. 7th 2021

    Thank you so much for helping my mom out in this horrendous situation. She has been battling bed bugs since January. None of the treatments worked until you guys got involved. I can't believe the difference you guys made in this process. I really wish we knew about your services back when all of this started. It would have saved my mom and her room-mate thousands of dollars (and their sanity). Thanks for doing what you do! You guys are truly life savers!

    -Anonymous daughter.

  • Pawtucket, RI April 8th 2021

    To BB Preppers,
    Thanks for squeezing us in on such short notice. The tenant was allowed back into his home immediately after your clean out service. I couldn't believe how fast you guys cleared out that apartment. Your timely response was critical in allowing our tenant to come back home. Hopefully he can keep up with the fresh start. Amazing Job!.


  • West Hartford, CT January, 19th 2021

    Thank you for being so respectful, responsive and thorough. Your diligence saved our property a ton of money by eliminating the chance of the bed bugs to spread throughout our units. Our pest control technician stated that this was the best prep that he has ever seen. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your excellence!


  • Boston, MA July 23rd, 2020

    To John and Sue,
    It was a pleasant surprise to see such a wonderful couple do the work that you do. Our resident has been battling bed bug issues for months. I can't believe how thorough you and your crew are. Treatment after treatment, we still couldn't find out why these bugs wouldn't go away but you guys found all of the hiding spots and allowed for our pest control company to get into everywhere that they needed to. The unit you did for us three weeks ago has just been declared bed bug free. Great job! We will keep you on speed dial if any other problems arise!

    -Cathy M

  • Brockton, MA May 12th, 2020

    To the BB Preppers Crew,
    You guys allowed me to get my life back! I appreciate your hard work and honesty! You guys did an awesome job! Hopefully we never have to meet again.


  • New Britain, CT February 17th, 2020

    I was in such distress of trying to get ready for my treatment, I actually physically broke down. This process was so overwhelming so I had to swallow my pride and ask for help. BB Preppers brought their crew in right before my treatment date and did a wonderful job. I had a pretty cluttered apartment and a much bigger infestation than what I thought I had. They uncovered so many hiding spots from these little critters that I am proud to say that after my first round of treatments, there was no sign of bed bugs anywhere. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I am so glad I got them involved. They were wonderful to work with and so kind too. 


  • Greenwich, CT November 4th, 2019

    John & Sue

    When my sister fell at home and had to go to the hospital and then to nursing care, my wife and I had to deal with her household and financial affairs. My sister has had a lifelong hoarding neurosis which was substantially controlled when she lived with our parents but came unconstrained when they died. We had no understanding of how serious the problem had become because she would not allow ANYONE to enter her home. Our Town Social Service Department recommended your firm for every kind of household evacuation and cleanup, not just prepping for bed bug extermination. You and your team did a superb job in a massive clear and clean of my sister's single-family residence.

    Your visit and quotation were prompt, clearly explained and fairly priced. We were astonished at the scale of the hoarding accumulation, but it turned out that you estimate was precise and correct. Three contractor-size dumpsters of 30 cubic yards were filled by your team of four. I should particularly note that you two were on site and directing the operation for all three days of intensive physical work. But you did not just crush and clear; you opened drawers and cabinets, checked boxes to be sure objects of possible value or sentiment were not dumpstered before review by wife or me. 

    After cleaning out the six rooms, two baths and finished basement your team did a fine job of basic sanitary flush and clean. The cumulation of furniture -- 18 mattresses were removed -- furniture, books in cases and boxes, records, kitchen waste, old clothes, the extent of rodent pestilence became clear. This was a massive job, and we were amazed when you remarked "We've seen worse."I understand that you are now the "GoTo" firm for more than one town for household evacuation, so you must be very busy. Deservedly so. 

    -Jonathan & Ann DuBois

  • Waterbury, CT (Feb 2019)

    Friendly, efficient, trustworthy!

    -Dave and Carrie

  • Quincy, MA (Feb 2019)

    BB Preppers crushed it! We couldn't have asked for a better outcome for our bed bug situation. They completed an apartment that was infested with bed bugs, very cluttered and had a ton of laundry in just a day and a half! After they left, our pest control company only found two live bed bugs in the entire apartment. They do amazing work! This apartment was cleared a lot faster than we expected! Thanks BB Preppers!


  • CT (January, 2019)

    I represent one of the largest property management companies in CT and we have hired BB Preppers LLC numerous times to prep/clean out our most challenging apartments. Whether it's hoarding, bed bugs, or roaches, their crew can handle it all! Their reputation has set such a standard with our company, anytime we come across an issue, they are the first phone call we make! Along with our pest control companies, they have dramatically reduced our roach and bed bug problems by a massive amount. We look forward to continuing our partnership! 


  • Weymouth, MA (December 2018)

    I work for Waltham Pest Services, when I was a technician I went into a unit that was heavily infested but was perfectly prepared… If you are in the pest-control industry you know that that just doesn’t happen. I found out that these guys did the preparation so now we refer them to all of our customers who cannot do the preparations themselves. For example housing authorities, apartment complexes, and elderly services. There is a reason why our company works with BB Preppers, It’s because they are the best! It’s kind of funny to see how this partnership started with just one apartment that I happened to walk into, we are all glad I did!

    -Brad Carter
    Area representative
    Waltham Pest Services

  • Wethersfield, CT (November, 2018)

    I was unfortunately blessed with a pretty bad case of bed bugs. I didn't know who to turn to, or even what to do to get rid of them. I was on the verge of discarding all of my furniture until I heard of BB Preppers through a friend of mine. To make a long story short, they were able to prepare my 2,650 sq' home very quickly, but very thoroughly. I was able to keep almost all of my furniture (except a few pieces that were the problem locations) and my life was back on track in a very short time! This husband and wife company has really created a compassionate and effective company. I would recommend them to anyone that comes into contact with bed bugs! If bed bugs are there, BB Preppers will find them! They found these little trouble makers in locations you wouldn't even think of looking. Worth every penny!

    ​- Bernie 

  • Beverly, MA (February 2017)

    Thank you for the incredible job you and your team provided. The units were professionally prepped. The team showed up on time and worked extremely hard to prep the two units. I am very impressed and would recommend BB Preppers to anyone. Thanks again


  • Greenwich, CT (December 2016)

    Hi John and Suzanne,
    I just wanted to write a note again to express my gratitude for your kindness with my Mom yesterday, and in getting her through such a difficult process. And also for all the time you have spent helping me through this as well!
    Everybody should be so lucky to have you guys work with them if bedbugs or something similar happens. Just so you know, I also talked to the building about how awesome you have been. I would gladly sing your praises anywhere!
    Thank you so much for your patience with this,

  • Manchester ,CT (October 2016)

    BB Preppers came through big time for my husband and I. We had a pretty bad bed bug infestation in one of our rooms. My husband is ill and can not move around very well. Our room had a lot of clutter in it and John and Suzanne sorted through the important items and discarded the stuff that we didn't need. The room looks amazing, and the bugs are gone! I couldn't believe how thorough they were.
    Thanks for your service!


  • Hamden, CT (July 2016)

    Dear John and Sue,
    I want to thank you, straight from the heart, for all of your careful planning, handling and forthright communication during the move. last week.  The possibilities of having 'less than excellent'results from careless movers who 'hump but don't think' was always a risk, particularly given a 3-bidder process.
    What I was blessed with, in the end, was smart, compassionate and collaborative assistance, and delicate treatment of my possessions.
    You are simply The Best!
    With warmest personal regards

    ~ Mark K

  • New Haven, CT (August, 2015)

    Thank you so much for helping me out. Without your help, I would have had to close my bed and Breakfast. Your prompt assistance was a life saver.
    Thanks again!

    -Richard M

  • Hartford, CT (June 2015)

    My client is an elderly / disabled male in his 80's. He unfortunately contracted bed bugs along the way and unfortunately didn't tell anyone about it for way too long. Upon the discovery of the bed bugs, I found out that BB Preppers LLC was part of the CT Home Care Program and they actually specialize in bed bug preparation and hoarding remediation. It is such a relief to actually find a company that knows what they are doing. Being a case manager, I have had to hire home-care companies to perform the task of prepping and somehow there has always been some form of complaint from the pest control companies whether it was done properly or not. Long story short, BB Preppers came in and completely stripped the entire apartment down, including carpet and furniture removal along with doing all of his laundry offsite. After they prepped the apartment, the pest control company cleared the apartment after two treatments. (Usually it takes three).  . 

    -Anonymous Care Manager

  • Boston, MA (June, 2015)

    I am a Regional Manager for one of the largest property management firms in the Northeast. We have been plagued by bed bugs for a long time in one of my buildings. We couldn't figure out why the problem hasn't gone away. We have had treatments after treatments with very little success. We hired BB Preppers to come in and prepare some of our troubled units that were not able to be prepped properly prior to the treatments. They came in and did such a thorough job they actually eliminated all of the live activity prior to the treatment in two of the three apartments they serviced. The other unit was significantly reduced by at least 95%. I couldn't be more happier to have BB Preppers as a partner to our company. I am planning on having them meet all of out NE Managers to spread the word.

    -John D

  • Danbury, CT (November, 2014)

    My sister and I hired BB Preppers to prep our mother's apartment for a bedbug treatment in a last minute effort. Their response time was amazing. I had a quote on the same day that I asked and they showed up on time for their appointment. But most of all, they did an amazing job! Their attention to detail blew us away. We didn't know what to expect as we have never had a bed bug issue before. Because of their professionalism, punctuality and respect, we will definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a prepping service.

  • New Haven, CT (November, 2014)

    I saw the all the work you and your team member did in that unit, it was a lot.  The best part of the service you provided was to remove all the dead bedbugs in all the hidden areas. I feel you did a fantastic job considering the amount of detail you put in to ensure there were no more bedbugs.

    Thank you again for working with us at the last minute. 

  • Hartford, CT (December, 2014)

    I am the owner of a small pest management company. We are constantly getting calls for bed bug treatments & find at least 70% of residents do not prepare 100%. I would prefer to have a company such as yours, that I can refer people to, so that we can provide the best bedbug treatment possible.
    Thank you,

    Dean Vatteroni,


    All Seasons Pest Management, LLC.

    P.S. I got your card from a resident who lives at one of the apartments in Hartford, CT. Your company prepared this unit through the tenant. We were EXTREMELY satisfied with the end result. My technician told me it was the best preparation job that he has ever seen!

  • New Haven, CT (February, 2015)

    Dear Management,
    I would like to thank the preparation company that came to my apartment. They did an outstanding job getting rid of the bed bugs in my space. They were professional, neat and careful with my personal items. Since they left, my quality of life has greatly improved. 

    -Bill F

  • Windsor, CT (February, 2015)

    Dear BB Preppers,
    I wanted to say thank you for helping me out at my home. I work for a Property Management company that you have done some work for, as one of their maintenance men and I believe that I carried a bed bug problem home one day beginning a huge problem for me. Your rapid response time and quality of work allowed me to sleep for the first time in weeks without any bites. You have no idea how much your services helped me!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    -Guy H

  • New Britain, CT (February, 2015)

    My Husband and I were so greatful that you guys came to help us prep our apartment for extermination. we received the list of daunting chores that had to be done and we didn't know where to start. I think the most valuable part of your service to us was the fact you were able to help us let go of some of our belongings that we weren't going to use, but had for a very long time. The amount of clutter that you removed was astonishing. We actually got our apartment back. Your staff showed the upmost respect for our feelings and our belongings. The day and a half you spent here proved how meticulous you and your guys really are.
    Thank you again for your help!
    Kindest Regards

    -Lynne and Ralph

  • Greenwich, CT (March, 2015)

    "Thank you for all the hard work you and your team did for our client.  The apartment you prepped looked incredibly different from start of day tofinish.  We now have hope that the critters can be eradicated with the next-step pest-control treatment.  You and your team were fast,professional, sensible and thorough - I'll also say courageous to do the work you do!  Your ability to deal with both bed bugs and hoarding /declutter in the same day is a true accomplishment and we are so thankful for your support on behalf of our client.  We will certainly recommend yourservices to other clients, social service agencies and conservators in need of your specific expertise."

    Patsy Schumacher, LCSWGreenwich Department of Social Service

  • Stamford, CT (April, 2015)

    I wanted to let everyone know that the service that BB Preppers gave us was not only extremely professional,  but they were very  fast. We were under a ton of pressure by the town to get rid of the clutter in our home and with myself and my husband sick, it is virtually impossible for me to clean like I want to. They came in and got our house back to the way it was prior to us being sick. It was a very emotional process and John, His wife Sue and his Crew, made it as comfortable as possible for us to get through the process. I want to say Thank You for everything you did!

    -Pennie and Bill