Our Services

Prepping for interior pest control:

In order for your pest control company to operate functionally, proper prepping must be done according to their guidelines. The prepping process can be stressful, overwhelming and may take a lot of time to do correctly. We specialize in this field, so you don't have to. By utilizing BB Preppers LLC and our processes, we allow for the pest control companies to get into all of the necessary areas to treat and to allow them to ensure a successful treatment.
Our professionally trained staff will locate any bed bugs on any furniture and perform all the duties necessary to get you ready for your pest control treatments.We work diligently with all pest control companies to exceed their expectations and make their treatment as successful as possible.​Please Note:Pest control companies can deny treatment until the location is prepped properly. If the location is not treated properly and thoroughly, the customer will not eliminate their problems, only decrease them for a short time. To ensure proper extermination, please make sure your pest control company has thoroughly evaluated your property before we do the prepping. If we perform the following services before your pest control company evaluates your situation, they may not treat as aggressive as they need to which will result in having continued issues.)

Extreme Clutter Removal/ Hoarding Clean-Outs:

We will respectfully sort, remove and organize the clutter & belongings of the owner/tenant in need. We will customize our crew to meet the need of the size of job. This will minimize the expense but create the maximum effort for your budget. We work with local and State officials to help bring Home Owners / Tenants compliant to codes that are being violated. Our rapid response time will ensure that we get the job done in a timely manner with respect and compassion.

Contact us @ 860-335-8604 or Email us @preppersllc@yahoo.com