What We Do

  • We specialize in Bed Bug Preparation (pre-treatment for extermination) and Extreme Clutter Removal (Hoarding).
  • All of our crew members are fully trained in bed bug identification, sorting, organizing and discarding items. We will wrap your items and dispose of them properly to avoid legal action to or from property owner(s).
  • We will inspect furniture and all personal belongings to locate bed bugs and remove as many as we can find prior to your treatment. 
  • We also assist with tenant "Turn -Overs" and Foreclosure and Estate Clean-Outs. 
  • We do the "Dirty Work and Heavy Lifting" so you can get on with your day with the confidence that your treatment  provided by your exterminator will be as effective as possible.
  • With us on the job, you don't have to worry about exposing yourself to the pests any further.
  • We will customize the size of our crew to suit your needs and deliver our services with the up-most respect for your location and belongings.
  • We are partnered with numerous major and local exterminators in your area.
  • BB Preppers LLC will safely remove the contaminated items eliminating cross contamination to other residences or offices.